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This elegant logo is well suited for a wide range of businesses such as fashion, art and craft , home decor , fashion label ,Boutique , wedding planner, art store, art, Event day of art, hand crafted fair, trade jewelry, gifts shop, scarves, furniture, counseling, event planner, interior design, home staging ,clothing store, retail, hotel, resort, home staging, cosmetics, clinic, makeup line, Personal growth, marketplace, artisan roaster , distributor, cafeteria, clothing store, retail, hotel, bed and breakfast, rehabilitation, financial companies, accountant, advertising, architectural design, T.V channel , jewelry, travel and tourism, perfume brand.

Category : Abstract

Price :  199.00   USD

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BRAINSTORM as the designer of the logo reserves all rights. Rights will be transferred to the client with source files on purchase.

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modern    abstract    upscale    lines    business    royal    design    interior    wedding    decor    blue    royal   

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