You can sell your logo designs on Buylogoo . Just upload your logo designs and we will take care about promotions,marketing and e-commerce.

How to sell logos

1 Create a Buylogoo account as a seller
2Upload your logo designs
3We will notify you when a logo is sold
4Contact buyer and how the logo must be customized
5Buyer selects the customized logo to receive
6You send the source files to us
7We generate required formats and deliver the files to buyer
8We send your money to your paypal account within 7 days

How to prepare logo designs

1You must be the creator of logo and logo must be original.
2Logos which contain ready-made elements are not acceptable regardless of the type of license you received for them.
Some examples of not permitted design elements are :
stock vector designs, clip-art illustrations, illustrations included in dingbat/ornament typefaces, illustrations included as samples or symbols in vector graphics software, illustrations created by you following exact steps on an online tutorial, Wikimedia Commons graphics and Public Domain illustrations.
3Logos should not have personal signatures, watermarks, copyright notices (™, ©, ®), recognizable faces or properties, copyrighted/trademarked/patented products, copyrighted maps/globes, registered or unregistered trademarks or trade names, fonts you don't have the rights to use, other artists' work ...
4Never include an existing identifiable product, imitate the design or style of an existing product or packaging .If you include a model or property you must be able to produce a signed model or property release on request If you trace images you must own copyright to the images.
5Use Google images to make sure there are no similar existing designs.
6Use a fictitious company name that describes the logo or it's possible use .
7We will reject logos that are too common and may cause problems for our clients.

How to prepare your source file

1Logo should not have background
2All fonts should be converted to curves
3Remove embedded images and any other elements that are not vector
4Remove all unnecessary elements that are not part of the logo
5Use the CMYK color space
6Center the logo within the page
7Save it as EPS and select preview format as none to reduce file size
-It's highly recommended to use our templates : Download Template File

NEW * You won't need to generate multiple file formats any more!
All you have to do is to provide a single .EPS file and we will generate all required formats and deliver the package to buyer.
So you will have more time to create new amazing logos.

Upload page fields

An alphanumeric , unique name for your logo.
Describe colors, shapes and other elements in logo and their meanings. Also you may tell people this logo is ideal for which industries.
Keywords that match the logo and seperated by commas.
Select a category for this logo.
The price of logo can start from $100.00 and up .
Preview Image
Main logo preview image must be in PNG format, 24 bit depth , 320 pixels in width and 260 pixels in height .
Source File
Must be a single ZIP file which contains adobe illustrator (max. CS5) .EPS file.


On this page you can tell people about yourself, your experinces and a brief history of what you have done before.
All approved logos designed by you, can be founf on this page.


Currently we pay designers using Paypal and Skrill.
You can edit your payment information by modifiying your PAYMENT INFO page which is located in the left side of MY ACCOUNT page.
NOTE : Please keep your PAYMENT INFO page updated to prevent wrong payments.

As a Buylogoo seller , You make 70% comission on your sales.Please note that Paypal or Skrill fees will be deducted from this amount.